Frequently Asked Questions

Section A: Rates, Fees, and Insurance

Section B: Sex and Porn Addiction


Q: What are you rates?

A: $125/hr for 50minutes individual therapy. $150/hr for 60 minutes couples therapy.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: No, I do not bill insurance. I provide clients with a “Superbill” for reimbursement for there session fee if they have an out-of-network benefit. This “Superbill” includes all the medical codes and information necessary for insurance companies to make a reimbursement.

Q: Why don’t you take insurance?

A: My experience with insurance companies is that dictate how I do therapy and how long I do it. They tend to pay about half of the rate I charge. They consume a lot mental energy to bill, especially if an error occurs. The most significant reason is that for me personally if I am paying someone $100, or more, dollars an hour I do my best to be on time and work hard. In other words, I find that my clients work hard and get well faster because they are personally invested.

Q: How do I know if I have an out-of-network benefit?

A: The direct way is to call the number on the back of your insurance card. If you’d like to work with me, tell them you would like to work with Michael Spengler and ask if you have an out-of-network benefit.


Q: Is sex addiction real? I like sex a lot so does that make me a sex addict?

A: Yes, it is real. No, liking sex does not make you an addict — if it did most people would be addicts. People with addicion use sex like others use alcohol or work or many other things to avoid reality. They don’t like the way they feel so they escape into fantasy. They feel scared and lonely in their relationship so they look at porn and masturbate to escape. In the end people with addiction feel ashamed of their behavior. It brings them down and limits their growth in the world. Yes, it is real.

Q: Is it really possible to stop looking at porn?

A: Absolutely. You body does not have a need for porn, just like your body does not have a need for alcohol. You crave porn because you do not know how to meet your real needs. Love, connection, security, and spirituality. Being honest with yourself is the place to begin.

Q: I’m pretty sure my partner looks at porn even though he/she would never admit it. What can I do?

A: This is such a hard experience. To believe your partner is not being honest with you. There are a few things we can do. If they are willing we can assess them for sex and porn addiction. We offer an extensive paid assessment. There are free ones as well, linked to in the resources page. If they are unwilling to come in, you can come in. We will help you establish boundaries that make you feels safe and whole. And we will help you communicate your truth in a health way.